Sin categoría was born with the mission to solve business problems to the manufacturing sector using technology. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis, the cloud and other technologies under the umbrella of the Industry 4.0 concept, we want to augment our customers’ visibility into their business, with insights derived from capturing data in real time from the floor plant, from sensors and machines. is here to make the above simpler and easier to use, going back to the root of the business needs so it makes a real impact in our customer’s bottom line.

Manufacturing companies are always looking to generate more efficiencies from their floor plant equipment. The industry has been adopting lean methodologies to achieve this and has been using the OEE (overall equipment efficiency) as the metric to measure results.  As a result, having data from the floor plant readily available to make productivity improvement decisions is paramount. 

Generally, this data is generated at the machine level and logged manually from the machines’ screens. With difficulty, this data is converted in information for managers to act upon.  However, information is late and outdated.   On the other hand, companies looking to automate this process find robust solutions that may need an overhaul of their plant infrastructure (PLCs, servers, industrial networks, etc.) carrying a heavy toll on investment and taking weeks or months to implement.  In, we get this data in real time in an easy and cost-effective way in a matter of hours.

Our Industrial IoT platform can be used in different ways thanks to its flexibility: capturing quality process data such as weights, temperatures, humidity, and others is easy. The analysis derived from this data can help manufacturers improve their product quality, ensure that parameters are met and reduce costs by removing waste amongst other benefits.   

We will be sharing thoughts, concepts and best practices throughout our blog on how using real time data in the manufacturing industry can positively impact your business. 

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