Doubling production line performance from 1000 to 2000 bottles/hr

Company in the food and beverage industry uses data to react to production line issues in real time

What was our challenge?

Sabana Filling Company is a company the produces and sells bottled water which is treated and purified in fiber and mineral tanks.  Once purification is finished, water is bottled using 2 production lines: one working with fully automated machines and the second with some manual intervention. 

The machine starts and stops frequently during the bottling process due to several reasons ranging from bottlenecks at the filling machine to having labels and caps ready or self-maintenance tasks.  All these activities impact performance and the productivity of the whole plant.  Sabana is a mid-size/small company for which technologies for data capture were out of their budget, therefore they were tracking these stops manually getting inaccurate data and adding to plant inefficiencies as operators lost more time logging such data.

Sabana implements platform in their bottling machines connecting the production to the Internet. is the perfect cost-effective solution for midsize companies that never dreamt of having automated data capture to measure efficiency and OEE. 

The results’s platform improved data accuracy and the agility of the decision-making providing information that Sabana lacked before; actual production line speed, minute by minute, and hourly performance was difficult to get. 

The detailed analysis of this information revealed bottlenecks in the cap sealing process; once this issue was identified, the company worked on a solution that allowed them to double the bottling speed.  Sabana’s production manager reckons “’s platform superior simplicity and ease of use”.  This facilitates for personnel of all backgrounds to understand and make decisions easily.

Sabana was able to increase performance in their bottling process, moving from 1,000 to 2,000 units per hour. They already had good efficiency metrics before using online OEE platform. However, the automatic data capture and the real time information provided by offered additional insights the company now uses to implement continuous improvement and dedicate resources to more strategic activities.

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