Production and energy consumption data in one plataform

Energy costs are a constant concern for factory managers.  How to achieve more operational efficiencies or reduce the energy consumption if you do not have the information at hand?. collects consumption data and combines it with production information from the machine in one integrated view so companies can benefit more from their assets.

Electricity consumption data per machine

Easy to access and understand information.  Measure energy consumption per machine in a single platform.

  • Energy consumption (kWh)
  • Power factor and others (depending on the type of meter used).
  • Production output (units, kg, litres, etc).
Production and energy use efficiency

Understand the correlation between production units and energy used to produce them so you can adapt better your production process to increase efficiency and reduce consumption.

  • Production vs energy consumption.
  • Energy quality
  • Energy vs motor vibration.

Operational and energy efficiency are good for the planet and your company

  • Optimize variable energy costs.

  • Reduce carbon footprint from your production process by using less energy.
  • Identify engine malfunctions to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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