Process data and quality monitoring in real time

Achieving traceability and control of parameters related to the production process and its quality is a daunting task.  People normally take it as repetition exercise writing the same data over and over in sheets that are never digitized. This in the long run can cause economic and regulatory losses for the company helps you automating the data capture from check weighers and sensors in your machines associated with variables such as weight, temperature, pH, pressure and others.

Industrial IoT made easy

Sensors and weight scales easily connected to the Internet using our IIoT Gateway.  Sound data without the need to fill out forms:

  • Heating temperatures in industrial ovens and cauldrons.
  • Storage temperature conditions in cold rooms.
  • Boiler pressure.
  • Net weight.
  • Extrusion speed and others.
Statistical analysis to monitor process quality
ico05 can offer you metrics and KPIs to track data with descriptive statistics, necessary to guarantee process conditions.

  • Quality indicators
  • Faulty conditions identification
  • Early alarms and thresholds
  • Net weight statistical analysis
  • Lost and reprocessed product

Reliable data to improve business performance

  • Recover profitability losses due to overweight product.

  • Improve regulatory compliance with accurate data.


  • Guarantee quality conditions are met.
  • Improve product development with trends and historical process data.
  • Avoid product loss due to faulty cold room or oven temperature conditions

  • Reduce product or materials waste by quantifying and identifying its sources.


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