Ensuring and tracking production quality process

Company in the agro-industry sector gains business intelligence to control and guarantee quality conditions in their product transformation process

What was our challenge?

Pomario produces gourmet vegetables, greens and quality sprouts which they distribute directly to supermarkets, restaurants and residential customers. Key for their market differentiation is the high quality of their products which are sold ready to consume. To achieve this, they wash, dry and pack the fresh produce in their transformation plant using washing and centrifuge machines Pomario identified this machine as the bottleneck in the process but did not have operational data to make informed decisions to improve it. In their words ”the machine’s manual operation impacts performance and their ability to process the produce every day. The lack of data does not allow us to better plan the production process”
On the other hand, the product final quality highly depends on the conditions in which the centrifuge machine is operated: parameters such as speed and centrifuge time must be carefully set and monitored. Moreover, the temperature and humidity conditions of the product storage cold rooms must be closely controlled as well. As a result of this production requirements, Pomario needed more visibility and data on their operations to ensure quality and improve productivity.

Pomario is using genial.io cloud platform to capture centrifuge RPMs and cold room temperature and humidity data to gain business intelligence

Genial.io analyzed the german manufactured Kronen centrifuge machine integrating their sensors with our IIoT gateway to captured the required data and provide Pomario of their much needed process visibility in real time

The results

With the increased visibility on operational data, Pomario is closely monitoring the production quality parameters ensuring that the machine’s speed and processing times meet the requirement for each class of vegetable.

Pomario’s objective is also to increase operational efficiency which they have achieved by more than 5pp in just 3 months of measuring operational and inactive times.

The company is planning to use the data to introduce more formal quality control measures as well as to improve the production planning process.

Real time monitoring dashboard

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