Measure global efficiency (OEE) in real time to make agile decisions with reliable information

Companies of all sizes make decisions about production and floor activities with little data.  Manual data capture takes up too many resources and introduces too many errors which in turn produces poor and outdated information to process and analyze. automates the data capture from machines in a cost-efficient manner.  Connect all types of machines and start implementing a continuous improvement culture in your company with ease.

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Automatic machine data capture

Connect machines to the Internet easily and with little intrusion: in hour or less visualize machine data in real time:

  • Machine status
  • Operation time
  • Downtime
  • Production units and speed
Efficiency analysis and data visualization

Descriptive and advanced data analysis to make better decisions with more information. Easy to use and understand from the operator in the shop floor to the management levels.

  • OEE and other operational efficiency metrics.
  • Machine utilization and loss time analysis.
  • Performance and speed loss analysis and others.
Promote staff self-management

Accessible and actionable data allows operators and supervisory staff to identify issues and find solutions by themselves, directly in the shop floor.

  • Clear machine visuals
  • Downtime and speed loss alarms

Improving OEE means better profitability

Better production yield with same resources
  • Invest in new production capacity only when you really need it.
  • Adjust inventory costs with better production planning based on real time production data.
Lower downtime is lower production cost
  • Reduce manual data capture & processing costs
  • Increasing equipment utilization means lowering production costs: less labour & less energy to produce the same or more.
Better productivity means improved revenues
  • Identifying bottlenecks to speed up production means revenue acceleration: production orders are delivered faster.

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