Improve productivity and measure OEE in real time

The challenge: Companies make process improvement decisions with outdated and incomplete information that is mostly captured manually

  • Production data is captured manually
  • Resources are dedicated to fill out manual forms
  • Data gets late with errors
  • Decisions are made with wrong outdated data
  • Production lines stop and the business does not know why
  • Current solutions for automatic data capture are complex and expensive


Low productivity

Higher operational costs

Measure OEE in real time with Industrial IoT

  • Machine status
  • Operation time
  • Downtime
  • Production data
  • Process data (weights, waste, temperature, energy consumption, etc)

Advanced data analysis

  • OEE and productivity analysis
  • Machine utilization analysis
  • Performance and speed production analysis
  • And more

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Improve your return on assets (ROA)

  • Maximize machine utilization recovering production time
  • Make capital investiment in new machinery only when it’s really needed

Increase profitability

  • Increase production output with the same resources or less
  • Adjust inventory levels according to real performance data

Reduce costs

  • Lower data processing costs
  • Lower energy consumption with better machine planning
  • Reduce product and material losses due to faulty equipment

Our success stories

Sectors and machines we’re working with

Manufacturing sectors

  • Food and beverage
  • Metallic products
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics and rubber products
  • Agroindustry
  • Textile mills
  • Personal care
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • .. And others

Machine types

  • Packing
  • Bottling
  • Sealing
  • Mills
  • Pasteurizers
  • Balers
  • Industrial refrigerators
  • Industrial ovens
  • Cold rooms
  • Fabric printing
  • Film stretching
  • Carpet & fabric finishing
  • Press machine
  • Extrusion machines
  • Injection machines
  • .. And more

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