Better equipment availability with reactive and preventive maintenance actions

The mission of maintenance teams is to guarantee machine uptime: i.e equipment is available to produce. However, most of preventive actions are based on empirical evidence. In addition, the hectic day for technical teams leave them no time to capture and analyse data.. gives visibility to actual utilization data, integrating alarms and providing real time information to ease the job of technical teams.  Algorithms to recommend maintenance windows improve the machines’ life span and enable factories to work better, longer and with less downtime.

Machine remote monitoring

Downtime data due to technical malfunction, corrective and planned maintenance information:

  • Operation and production time.
  • Machine alarms.
  • Configuration parameters.
  • Motor vibration and temperature data.


Availability analysis and preventive maintenance algorithms

Machine availability metrics for technical teams

  • Mean time between failures (MTBF).
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Operation hours outside recommended thresholds.
  • Unexpected events identification.

Reduce maintenance cost and production loss

  • Reduce troubleshooting time with more technical data.

    Less operational costs by reducing technical site visits. 

  • Lower resolution and repair times to increase availability of equipment therefore reducing production losses.
  • Reduce troubleshooting time with more technical data.

  • Improve equipment life span and maintenance management through real machine data.


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