Increased efficiency in 10pp by reducing in half changeover times

Company in the textile industry encourages employees self-management with real time information

What was our challenge?

Artextil is a company specialized in the transformation of textiles through several services from pre-treatment, dyeing and printing to finishing treatments. In their goal to be a world-class business with global impact, they encourage employees to excel at their activities.  Artextil believes that data and information is key to achieve this goal and opening such data to employees enable them to perform better as they can identify problems through metrics and find solutions.

As a result, Artextil collected hundreds of data points manually from the production lines and dedicated valuable resources to input such data to datasheets and create reports daily. In their Operations Director’s words, Juan Pablo Riaño, ”they were great at doing the wrong things”:  the data collection process took a long time, the data was not reliable, and therefore decisions were doubtful.

Artextil deploys cloud platform to capture data automatically and measure OEE online.

The company started collecting data from the printing machines then expanding to other processes visualizing operational status, production speeds and downtime in real time covering 40+ machines

The results’s implementation in Artextil has propelled their objective to decentralize information improving the employees’ self-management. By installing smart dashboards and screens throughout the plant with real-time info, people have access to up-to-date information easily enabling them to make decisions themselves.  An ancillary benefit for the company was the ability to provide more remote working time for their supervisors and managers.

The automatic data capture by has revealed the actual utilization and availability of the equipment. Details such as short stops were invisible before. Therefore, Artextil now has the true baseline to increase efficiency.  The company believes in continuous improvement and technology makes meetings and agile decision making possible.  For instance, operators and shift supervisors use this real-time data to review the shifts’ activities, identify issues and suggest solutions so the next shift can implement.

Artextil considers to be one of their strategic suppliers acknowledging the dynamism and agility to respond to customer needs and evolve the platform accordingly. 

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