Increased production yield by 27%

Company in the metallic products manufacturing sector increase production yield making more and better decisions by having machine utilization data and reducing downtime in extrusion machines

What was our challenge?

Arcoli is a manufacturing company in the metallic products sector. They produce aluminium frames, screws, rivets and wire serving customers in LatinAmerica. They use an extrusion machine and an industrial oven in the aluminium frames production line.

The operations department already collected machine utilization data manually. Despite this data revealing high levels of machine utilization, the company suspected they could make efficiency gains controlling additional details of the process like the matrix changeovers.  

Arcoli found in an ideal partner that took the time to understand the manufacturing process and the business need to measure the parameters required for the company to make productivity decisions connected the extrusion machine and the aging oven to the cloud  giving real-time visibility to Arcoli

The agregando automatic data captured revealed details that manual data could not provide. , adding reliability and speed in the information. Arcoli is now getting more insights on the production process with accurate utilization levels, downtime reasons, extrusion times, oven temperatures and matrix changeover durations amongst others.

The results

With increased real-time data visibility, Arcoli has found opportunities to increase production yield by 27%.  They can now insert more production runs per hour in the extrusion machines thanks to the better management of the matrix changeovers. Management is delighted with the investment in for remote monitoring and machine efficiency measurement so they can now serve their customer demand more rapidly. On the other hand, by monitoring the temperature in the aging oven, they also have added traceability for quality purposes.

Arcoli’s success with this digital transformation initiative is partly due to the leadership team’s drive to use data to generate change.

Real time monitoring dashboard

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